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How to Detect & Prevent Check Tampering in Mesquite, NV; Segregation of Duties with Third Party Bookkeeper

Many businesses, especially smaller businesses, suffer greatly due to tampered checks. At times employees will alter or forge checks, which basically stealing money without the business owners knowledge. When an employee has easy access to the business checking account and or blank checks, sometimes the temptation is too great. For businesses that have or worry about having check tampering issues and need help, Mark Dicus & Company will share how you can prevent check tampering in your business.

Types of Check Tampering

There are a four primary methods of check tampering that all business owners need to be made aware of.
• Altered Checks: Checks that were made to a payee that the amount has changed.
• Forged Checks: When a check is made to a payee in which they forge the owner’s signature for self-gain.
• Concealed Checks: When a group of checks require signing, a fraudulent check is slipped into the mix in the hope they are not detected.
• Authorized Maker: This is when an authorized check signer will misuse the power for self-gain or to write checks to another without permission or just cause.

Check Segregation of Duties; Preparer & Signer

To prevent check tampering within your business, your first step is to separate check cutting and preparation from the person who is authorized to sign checks. Next make sure the business owner or a trust manager or an outsourced controller reviews the checks that are being made out. It is also recommended that all checks are reviewed by a bookkeeper to monitor for any discrepancies. For smaller business that may not have enough employees to properly monitor all of the business books, they should consider outsourcing the bank reconciliation. Business owners should attempt to separate the accounting duties to better prevent tampered checking such as:
– Owners or trusted managers review all unopened bank statements, electronic payments, and cancelled checks.
– Set up the bank account daily transaction records or downloads.
– Compare payee checks to the business’s accounting recording system.
– Restrict access to data entry and reconcile bank statements.
– Make a rotation of employee responsibilities and perform audits often.
– Review audit trail reports for new or changed payees.
– Review budgets as well as actual reports for all unknown or unexpected expenses.
– Create or set up a positive pay and an ACH filter.

Third Party Bookkeeping

By implementing a separation of duties within the company you can greatly reduce the amount of tampered checks that occur in your business. Seeking a third party bookkeeper can also benefit your business as they will help monitor your account and books to help ensure there is no check tampering. A bookkeeping service can provide an extra pair of eyes for your business’s financial activities. A professional bookkeeping and accounting services can also help watch for odd checks that could point to check tampering within your business.

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To keep your business from being a victim of check tampering, make sure to separate accounting and bank duties and outsource to a professional bookkeeping and accounting service. Do not let your company fall apart due to check tampering and fraud. For more control of your business checks and account activities, contact Mark Dicus & Company today.

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