We provide scalable accounting services for businesses of all sizes. Call us today for a free consultation to find out how we can help. Mark Dicus and Company is you premier choice for Accounting services whether you are here locally in the Las Vegas area or anywhere in the world. If you are looking for an experienced US based firm, then look no further.


We provide a comprehensive range of services in the areas of financial management, operations, risk management, strategy and technology. We offer a customized approach to our services that's based on your needs. Additional business services include: Bookkeeping, CFO Services, Cash Flow Management, Strategic Business Planning, Tax Strategies, and more.


We can assist in managing and minimizing all aspects of our client's tax liability, including, but not limited to, Federal, State and transfer taxes. Advance planning results in substantial benefits and allows time for developing alternative tax strategies. We also provide businesses period-end closing, financial statement preparation and budgeting on scheduled.

Incorporation & New Business Advisor Guidance

Providing a number of business financial services, Mark Dicus & Company, is a reputable service provider that is dedicated to our clients. We are fully licensed and certified to provide remarkable services to the businesses including incorporation and new business advising. Our specialists educate themselves to improve our technical expertise and financial knowledge while keeping up to date with all applicable information; we strive continually to provide unparalleled services to all our clients as your trusted advisor.

Choosing Business Structure & Name

Mark Dicus & Company is readily available to help simplify business formation and incorporation procedures while working with new and developing businesses. To help you potentially begin conducting business, our advisors are ready to assist you promptly. With our guidance selecting the correct entity, our experts also checking if its name is available with the guidance and name check as you get your business started. Whether it be a corporation, LLC, partnership or even branch operation, Mark Dicus & Company has extensive experience to help you determine the best business structure for your specific circumstances.

Tax Reduction Strategies for Small Business

When you form the correct company, you need to harness and manage the tax benefits to your advantage. By having the lowest possible tax exposure while also guiding you on how to best take distributions from your company, our ongoing services will assure that you accomplish this goal.

Open a Business Checking Account

Opening bank accounts can be a bit overwhelming for new business owners. Mark Dicus & Company gives our clients the ability to efficiently open bank accounts, even under strict banking guidelines through relationships with multiple banking institutions.

Payroll Processing

Mark Dicus & Company understands that it can be daunting to learning the rules for payroll and social security. Meeting all payroll related compliance matters for both IRS and State and how to navigate how to properly set up payroll. Additionally, Mark Dicus & Company assists as you maneuver through the options surrounding health insurance, retirement and fringe benefits.

Incorporation & New Business Advisor Guidance

Mark Dicus & Company is there to assist you with business start-up, incorporation and entity selection services. Our professionals help you select the best business entity to meet your short and long term goals as our specialists help advise and guide along the way. Without the owner ever really considering the implication of each entity type, many businesses are formed. Resulting in unnecessary taxes, increased liability and other consequences stems from selecting the wrong type of business structure. In addition to minimizing your taxes, Mark Dicus & Company considers all the factors including asset protection, your personal liability, state and local laws and future growth. You can minimize your future tax obligations and grow your new business with our guidance and support you will be able to choose the best legal form of business organization. Call Mark Dicus & Company today for a consultation.

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