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What are the Benefits of Employers Hiring Teenage Workers in Eau Claire, WI? Paying Minimum Wage & More

Millions of high school and college students hope that they are going to be able to get a summer job this year. Typically, there are plenty of summer jobs to go around for teenagers that are interested in working. The coronavirus pandemic has closed so many businesses this year that teenagers may have a hard time getting a job this summer. If you are a business owner you may have contemplated whether or not hiring a high school or college student this summer would be a good idea. Today Mark Dicus & Company wants to go over some of the advantages of hiring teens and young adults to help you with your business for the next few months.

Minimum Wage for Summer Jobs

One of the largest benefits of hiring a teenager or young adult is that you do not have to pay them as much as you would have to pay an adult. Since teens do not have a plethora of work experience they are not expecting a job that pays them top dollar. Many teens are planning on only making minimum wage at their summer job.

High School & College Students Work Part Time

In addition to a lower per hour rate, teens and young adults do not always expect to work full-time. This brings the amount of money that you have to pay out for this employee even less. You may not have enough work for a full-time employee this summer, but a part-time employee could help lighten the load for everyone for a few months.

Summer Youth Employment Helps Catch Up on Tasks

You can use summer employees to help you get caught up on projects that have been lingering around the office undone. Even if you have the most motivated staff there are always tasks that do not get completed as often as they should. Your summer employee can file, scan, organize, clean, complete data entry, and other mundane tasks that you may have fallen behind on.

Teenage Workers Bring Energy & Ideas

Younger employees can provide a breath of fresh air to your office this summer. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can be helpful in your office. They bring an energy to your office that your older employees just do not have the stamina for. They may also have innovative ideas that could really help improve different aspects of your business.

Young Workers are Easy to Train

Another perk of hiring younger employees is that they are easy to train them just how you want. When you have employees with more work experience they frequently have ideas about how things should be done. Younger employees are less likely to question your procedures. If you train them well, you will have your work competed exactly the way that you want it.

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If these benefits have you thinking about hiring a high school or college student, this summer now is the time. It is not too late to put an ad out and start interviewing. You may even know someone that would be an excellent fit for your office with having to place an ad. We hope you enjoy your summer employee!

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