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Is it Better to Get Your Taxes Done or Do Them Yourself in Midvale, UT? Constantly Changing Tax Laws & More

There are many Americans that take care of submitting their taxes on their own every year. However, while this may be fine for some people, it could lead to costly mistakes that could result in lost money on your end. There are several reasons why you should consider hiring someone else to take care of your taxes every year. Mark Dicus & Company is here to talk about some of the reasons it makes sense to hire someone to do your taxes for you.

Tax Laws Are Constantly Changing

There is a reason that education is required to become an accountant. The tax code is something that is constantly evolving and changing. When it was first created, it was only 400 pages long. Over time, it has been added to over and over again. Today, the code is more than 75,000 pages long and counting. While you may think you have a handle on your own tax return, there is a good chance that you don’t know all the code and changes that have been made to it.

Taxes are Complicated

If you are self-employed or have many rental properties that you are owning and managing, your taxes could be more complicated than someone that has a simple W-2 to file with. You may not know what can be deducted from your taxes whether it is equipment needed for your business or improvements you have made to a rental; it can help you out to have someone who knows all the complicated deductions that you can take advantage of to help you avoid paying too much in taxes.

When It’s OK to Do Your Own Taxes

When you have a simple W-2 that your employer gives you every year, you may be fine doing your own taxes. However, sometimes, there may be some deductions that you aren’t aware of and could be taking advantage of. There is a big difference between being able to get by taking care of your own taxes and doing a good job of it. You may find that when you hire an accountant to help you file your tax return, your tax results are going to be better.

Tax Professionals Give Peace of Mind

You can rest easy when you know that your taxes have been done right. Just like many other aspects of life, when you have a professional that is helping you, you know that the results you are going to get will be better. Just like you wouldn’t try and fix your own car when you have never done it before, you should be leery of doing your own taxes.

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