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How to Recognize a Fake IRS Letter, Scammer Phone Call, Someone Trying to Hack Tax Software & More in Fitchburg, WI

There is a current surge of IRS tax scams that are affecting a number of businesses. It may be hard to believe that there are scammers bold enough to pretend to be the IRS, but it is true. With this current surge of IRS tax scammers, it is important for business owners to be able to determine a scammer from the real thing. Mark Dicus & Company will share how to detect an IRS tax scammer and what you can do to avoid them.

Request to Access your Tax Refund & Stimulus Payment

If you have received a message that the “IRS” is requesting, or even offering a small payment for your tax refund or stimulus check, this is a scammer. Where this scammer is most common among personal individuals, some of the IRS tax scammers have hit up businesses or business owners. Remember, in order to receive a tax refund or stimulus check, you do not have to provide any fees or information to a third party claiming to be the IRS.

IRS Scammer Phone Calls

One scam that seems to be increasing is when a caller impersonates an IRS agent. They usually begin with threats about canceling your Social Security number or they even like to say your identity has been stolen. In order to remedy the situation, they will require a fee or—get this one—buy gift cards. When you get a call like this one you can simply hang up the phone and don’t worry. If your identity was stolen the IRS will not call you or seek transactions over a phone. Whatever you do, do not give any of your personal information to these people.

Fake Debt Collector Calls

If you or your business has any overdue tax debt a debt collector will not call you. The IRS will first assign your case to a private debt collection agency. Then the IRS will send you a letter letting you know of your status and even provide you the opportunity to appeal. Again, the IRS will not call. A debt collector may contact you to request an appointment to discuss your case. Additionally, a debt collector will identify themselves. If they are requesting payment they themselves do not collect payment directly. Overdue taxes are payed to the U.S. Treasury. If you receive a phone call and a person claims to be a debt collector and demands you make a payment right then, you can hang up the phone.

Someone is Trying to Hack My Electronic Tax File Software

For businesses that uses a filling software to help file and pay their taxes, make sure to take the proper precautions. The more gifted scammers are able to hack certain tax filing software where they will gather personal information and use it to steal identities. Some hacker scammers may even file fraudulent returns on your behalf. To avoid the more advanced scammers that hack your business tax filing software, make sure that the program you use has password requirement. Additionally, never do your taxes over a public WiFi network. Avoid storing sensitive tax documents on personal computers as well.

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There are many IRS tax scammers that are seeking to steal identities or money. Be sure to make yourself aware of current scammer trends and know how to avoid them. To ensure your accounting, bookkeeping, and tax information is safe and professionally managed, contact Mark Dicus & Company today.

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