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How to Maintain Accounting Data Security when Employees Work Remotely in Roy, UT; Protect Passwords & More

Do you have an opportunity for you and your employees to run your business from home but are concerned about protecting your confidential accounting information? It’s easier and less expensive than you might think providing you have the right tools at your disposal. The knowledgeable experts at Mark Dicus & Company have provided the following tips to help you keep your accounting information safe and secure while you and your employees take a break from working in the office.

Is My Data Really Secure Online?

Keeping your data secure means that you are creating an environment that will make a hacker’s job extremely difficult to breach your information, and eventually they will find they will become discouraged and move on to another victim. Data security is constantly evolving and the experts at Mark Dicus & Company have provided the following tips to help you stay ahead of the game.

Protecting Data when Using Personal Devices for Work

If you are using company owned devices there is a good chance that they are already protected. On the other hand if you are working from home using your personal device you will need to make some improvements including good quality anti-virus software. Check with your IT professional to make sure that your personal computer is loaded with everything you need to be safe and secure.

Protect Passwords from Hackers

Make sure your devices are password protected and only used for work purposes. Develop good security habits by logging out of every computer every time you finish using it. When generating a log in, make sure that you use a strong password and change it on a regular basis.

2 Step Verification

Create a two-step verification process to ensure that unauthorized individuals are kept out of your account. This process will alert you with a text message every time someone tries to log in to your account. The text message you receive will contain a code that you will need to enter into your computer. If you receive a text message but didn’t request the code, you will need to select a new password immediately. Never save passwords on your personal devices. Doing so can compromise your security.

Email Phishing and Spoofing

Emails are one of the most common and easiest ways for hackers to gain access to your data. The emails will appear to be from sources that are familiar and trustworthy. Some examples of phishing include emails asking you to update your account information or passwords. When you open one of these emails you will find a clickable link that leads you to a website that appears legitimate only the website is capturing sensitive information as you type giving hackers access to your accounts and other sensitive information. Instead of using clickable links keep you data save by accessing the company’s website directly.

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