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Busting Bookkeeping Myths in Bothell, WA; Does Hiring a Bookkeeper Cost or Save Me Money & More?

Many small businesses are often apprehensive about outsourcing to a professional bookkeeping service. There are many misconceptions about outsourced bookkeeping that makes a business owner wonder if it is worth it and the consequences they may have to face in so doing. A business owner should never be apprehensive or fear outsourcing its bookkeeping needs. Mark Dicus & Company has heard the myths surrounding professional bookkeeping services and would like to put some of these myths to rest.

Does Outsourcing Bookkeeping Equal Overseers?

One of the common myths about an outsourced bookkeeping service is that the bookkeeper will oversee your business, and you as the business owner, loses control. Well, no—that is just not the case. Many business owners feel as if an outsourced bookkeeper will overtake and control all of their financial records and even their accounts. Essentially, when a company seeks out a professional bookkeeping service, they are assigned a bookkeeper or at times, bookkeepers. The bookkeeper will help record and document all of the business financial deals, but this doesn’t mean they control it. The business owner still has full access to all of their documents and financial records as well as their accounts. The bookkeeper simply helps to maintain and organize. This will help take a load off of the owner and even make it easier to overlook their business profits, losses, and more.

Cost of Bookkeeping

When a business owner finds it is becoming harder and harder to maintain their financial records, they often wish for help. They may wish to seek a professional bookkeeping service but do not want to add another expense. When a business owner makes a major mistake on their taxes or forgets to pay a bill or believes there is more money than there is, they can cost themselves a lot of money. Additionally, finding the time to organize and make the proper recordings can be more demanding than running the business. When your attention is on your books, you are not focusing on the needs of the business opportunities that may arise and major financial decisions are not made. Even though you will be paying for a professional bookkeeper, they will devote all their time to your books alone, while allowing you more time to deal with your business needs. A bookkeeper will not make tax mistakes and can even help you stay on top of debt that needs to be paid as well as your bills. Often the bookkeeping service more than pays for itself and is a wise investment.

Are My Bank Accounts Secure?

When hiring a bookkeeping service, many business owners fear their accounts and other financial records are out for the world to see and steal. An accounting and bookkeeping firm uses highly secured cloud companies to store your company records. These secure cloud companies provide a number of safety measures that are equal to that of banks. Your accounts and bookkeeping records are always secured and protected in a way the average business owner cannot do for themselves.

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There are many myths out there about bookkeeping services. If you have any concerns, simply contact Mark Dicus & Company. Ask your questions, share your concerns and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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