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We can assist in managing and minimizing all aspects of our client's tax liability, including, but not limited to, Federal, State and transfer taxes. Advance planning results in substantial benefits and allows time for developing alternative tax strategies. We also provide businesses period-end closing, financial statement preparation and budgeting on scheduled.

Benefits of Hiring a Bookkeeper in Walnut Creek, CA; Low Outsourced Rates, Money Management Skills & More

Do you own your own business? Owning your own business brings so many things along with it. It takes so much grit and determination to run a successful business. There are parts of the job that will be easier for you than others. One part that many business owners do not feel as comfortable with is bookkeeping. Making sure your books are in order is an extremely important part of your business. If you are currently doing your own books Mark Dicus & Company has some reasons that you may want to consider hiring us to keep your books.

Outsourced Bookkeeping Rates are Cost Effective

Hiring an additional employee for your office is a large financial burden. The good news is that you do not have to bring on a full-time employee to hire a bookkeeper. We offer bookkeeping services that allow you to only pay for the number of hours that your business requires to complete the job.

Focus on Running Your Business

As a business owner your business needs your full attention. When you first start your business your main focus is on growing your business. If you have to take your attention off of your growing business to get your books in order the growth of your business could suffer. Hiring someone to take care of your books allows you to stay focused on the daily operational tasks of your business.

Budgeting & Financial Money Management

If you are looking at the financial situation of your business it can be extremely helpful to have one more set of eyes help you. Our bookkeepers here at Mark Dicus & Company can help you keep your finances in order each and every month. We can also help you run reports that will help you make decisions about where to spend money on a daily basis. Having one extra person to look everything over can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Bookkeeper Skills

Next on our list of reasons that you should consider hiring a bookkeeper is that we have the expertise and knowledge needed to do the job. There are not many business owners that have a firm grasp and understanding of bookkeeping. It can be easy to make innocent mistakes simply because you do not know better. When you hire a bookkeeper, you can rest assured that your books are being taken care of appropriately.

Ensure You Pay Your Bills on Time

One of the largest issues that business owners have when they keep their own books is that they do not pay all of their bills on time. This may sound silly, but we have been around long enough to know that this is an extremely common problem. You get so busy taking care of other things that it is easy for a bill to slip between the cracks. If your bills do not get paid on time this could have large impacts on your business.

Bookkeeper Services in Walnut Creek, Daly City, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose, Pleasanton & Greater San Francisco, California

After reading all of the reasons that we have mentioned today you may find yourself ready to hire Mark Dicus & Company to do your bookkeeping. Give us a call today and we can chat about your needs and the services that we offer.

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