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We provide a comprehensive range of services in the areas of financial management, operations, risk management, strategy and technology. We offer a customized approach to our services that's based on your needs. Additional business services include: Bookkeeping, CFO Services, Cash Flow Management, Strategic Business Planning, Tax Strategies, and more.


We can assist in managing and minimizing all aspects of our client's tax liability, including, but not limited to, Federal, State and transfer taxes. Advance planning results in substantial benefits and allows time for developing alternative tax strategies. We also provide businesses period-end closing, financial statement preparation and budgeting on scheduled.

Automation & Outsourcing for Business Growth in Daly City, CA; Payroll Processing, Automatic Payments & More

Putting in the work to make them happen will likely pull you from other projects or duties, whatever your business goals are for the new year. Consider automating or outsourcing if you’re trying to figure out how you can make this happen without harming your core business. Allowing business owners to focus on key growth initiatives, delegating some duties is exceptionally beneficial. Today, we at Mark Dicus & Company would like to discuss automating & outsourcing for business growth.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

It probably made sense to handle payroll and bookkeeping tasks in house if you started small. If you weren’t paying yourself yet especially, processing payroll could have taken less than a half hour. Where it might be easy fitting in the downtime, the bookkeeping tasks like recording bill payments or income balancing can take you away from other duties. Your time might be better spent meeting with clients, ordering new stock, supervising employees, or in many other ways that drives you to success.

Bill Collection & Automatic Payments

Automate bookkeeping tasks to ease administrative burdens. There are many cloud-computing and online accounting software programs available. With the many features you can track follow-up notices on unpaid bills, usually via email, for you. No longer do you have to keep track of past due invoices or bills that you owe manually or other financial statements.

Online Appointment Scheduling with Reminders

Manually making these appointments and following up on them takes valuable time if you run a service-based business or one dependent on appointments. This is the perfect solution if you still book all your client appointments over the phone. Help to reduce staffing and save money with online scheduling programs that integrate with your website. Helping with scheduling employees efficiently and to help you plan and avoid overbooking problems will identify gaps and slow times as well. Booking online and receiving text and email reminders are convenient and the preferences of many customers. There are a host of inexpensive software programs out there that are easy to use, and quite a few are designed for small businesses. You can decrease the risk of no-show’s; you can set them up to text appointment reminders or autodial and leave a message.

Administrative Tasks

When you manage several team members out in the field; or the business juggling multiple projects and deadlines; or even if you are expanding and will need to manage a contractor for remodeling, employees for sales tasks, and more can be done easily with task management tools. Sending push notifications and email reminders of tasks and deadlines are designed with programs, and others, also have apps. As a monthly reminder to submit mileage for reimbursement, functionality includes the ability to create repeating tasks.

Bookkeeper Services in Walnut Creek, Daly City, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose, Pleasanton & Greater San Francisco, California

Though some programs have the ability to store and share files, create “to-do” lists, and track hours and miles, the capabilities of different task management software varies. Reducing the inefficiencies, these could save you hours managing people and projects. When you want a reliable source taking care of your finances and automating and outsourcing, Mark Dicus & Company is your leading expert. Call us today to discuss your financial goals and ideal services.

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